Henryk Rybinski
Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

While building Institutional Information System (IIS) for universities Institutional Repositories (IRs) are still dominating. The systems within this approach provide rather simple end-user functionality, mainly limited to browsing and querying the repositories. They are bibliography oriented, so they are document-centric ones. As such, they do not provide end-users with analytical functionalities, or with sophisticated visualization capabilities.

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss solutions for the universities regarding IIS, showing how the paradigms of Open Science should be reflected in the nowadays institutional systems. In particular we will discuss how functionality of Institutional Repository (IR) can be combined with the functionality of Current Research Information System (CRIS). Also possibilities of integrating IIS with the functions of the Researcher Profiling Systems (RPSs) will be discussed, showing the positive results from the researcher-centric approach. The implications of the integration IR + CRIS + RPS will be shown, based on the system OMEGA‑PSIR, which has been designed and implemented at Warsaw University of Technology.